Lato Milk – Lato Milk
We are a healthy brand of dairy products. Our aim is to apply the best of science and product expertise to provide families with nutritionally enriched milk products.
Lato Mik
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State of the art milk processing and manufacturing facility adhering to international standards

Numerous milk collection centres, chilling plants and bulk coolers

Assistance to farmers on cattle medication and other cattle welfare initiatives

Deep down distribution catering to a large number of retail outlets

Milk Powder

Lato Milk Powder offers the best of both worlds – the smooth flavor of fresh milk with the versatility of being ready when you need it.

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Liquid Milk

Lato’s UHT long-life milk provides the goodness of milk with the versatility of being ready when you need it. With the full-bodied taste of fresh milk, it’s also a source of protein to fuel muscles and is packed with calcium to help build strong bones.

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Flavored Milk

Lato’s Flavored Milk is simply bursting with flavour – and dairy goodness.

It is a unique offering in multicolor slim styled packing, with six tasty mouth-watering flavors enjoyed by all age groups.

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Brand Associations

Bright Stars FC

Lato Milk is a proud sponsor of Kawempe based premier league football club Bright Stars FC for the season 2016-17. Bright Stars FC plays in the National Uganda Football League.

Rauf Essa Adam

Lato Milk is proud to be associated with Rauf Essa Adam, the youngest racer in the moto sports circuit for 2014-15 season. He is also known as the ``Speed King``.

Maxime Van Pee

The Moto-Cross Champion is the first Ugandan rider to win three titles in a year. Lato Milk proudly promotes the moto-cross talent in the region.

Quality Standards