Chocolate Milk – Lato Milk
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Chocolate Milk

The production of Lato Chocolate Flavored Milk involves the standardization of milk to the desired optimal Fat and SNF levels and the addition of ingredients like the flavor, color and sugar.

The next step involves the homogenization and sterilization of this milk. The flavored milk from sterilizer is aseptically filled into tetra packs and is made ready for sale.

Intended/Suggested Uses:

  • For direct consumption
  • Not intended for infant feeding


250 ml tetrapack made of a seven layer film with polyethylene, aluminium foil and paper board.


Milk Solids not Fat, Sugar, Milk Fat, permitted colours, flavors and stabilizers.
It includes Cocoa and Caramel

Shelf life

  • 6 months when unopened. Can be stored at ambient room temperatures away from sunlight in a cool and dry place.
  • 4 days once opened. To be refrigerated between 4° C – 6° C
Composition Per Gram(g)
Fat (%) 2% Min
Energy 78 KCal
Carbohydrate 11.8 gm
Protein 3.1 gm Min
Calcium 120 mg