Instant Full Cream Milk Powder – Lato Milk
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Instant Full Cream Milk Powder (IFCMP)

Instant Full Cream Milk Powder (IFCMP) is made from high quality, fresh, homogenized and pasteurized Cow’s milk. The first step involves getting condensed milk from pasteurized milk using an evaporator.

Secondly, the condensed milk is spray dried in a heated chamber by mechanically spraying hot air onto it in a specially designed tower. By adding Soya Lecithin, the solubility of the powder is highly increased making it instantly soluble.

The natural food elements are preserved during the process and the powder is made to be easily digestible making it an excellent alternative to liquid milk.

Intended/Suggested Uses:

  • Can be used for preparing tea, coffee and other milk based beverages.
  • May be used as an ingredient in bakery and confectionery products.
  • Not for use in infant formula for infants less than 24 months of age


Available in the following SKU sizes:

  • Sachet: 5 gm, 10 gm, 15 gm, 50gm
  • Tins: 250 gm, 400 gm, 900 gm, 2.5 Kg, 5 Kg
  • Bags: 5 Kg

These SKUs are further packed in secondary shipper boxes of three and five ply thickness.

Shelf life

24 Months from the date of manufacturing.

Composition Per 100 Gram(g)
Protein (N x 6.38) 24.0 Min
Moisture 3.5 Max
Fat 28 Max
Total carbohydrate 39.0 Min
Minerals (Ash) 6.5 Max
Soya Lecithin 0.2 Max