Miguel Katende is the MotoCross brand ambassador for Lato Milk – Lato Milk
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Miguel Katende is the MotoCross brand ambassador for Lato Milk

Lato Milk has appointed Miguel Katende as its brand ambassador to support his participation in the upcoming National Motocross Championship. The sponsorship will see him embrace the Lato Milk colors and race in the upcoming Uganda National Motocross Championship 2017.
Miguel resonates passion, energy, and speed, all of which is very consistent with Lato’s brand image. Through this campaign, Lato Milk will participate and support initiatives that enable the younger generation to achieve their goals and encourage fellow kids to exploit their talent and aspirations in different activities.

The deal comes as part of the Lato Milk’s “Makes It Happen” campaign which seeks to emphasize the life-giving value of Lato milk and further show that consuming milk and dairy products can also be energizing, fun and joyful. The campaign also seeks to position Lato as a brand that is not only trusted but also one that brings positive energy and wellness to our lives through its nutritious and delicious products. The Motocross championship is one such initiative for children like Miguel Katende to show off their skill and talent.